Installing Rawhide

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon Nov 30 00:10:05 UTC 2009

> I tried upgrading f12 to rawhide by
> adding rawhide
> as a software source.   This was too big a
> task even
> with --skip-broken and the other suggested remedies.
> Is it time for the images directory to reappear?
The images directory is there as far as I know:

The only problem is that some of the daily isos failed to build :(, only few did and you may use them to install rawhide at any point.  
> In the past many problems with updated rawhides
> have been solved by doing a fresh install from
> boot.iso or pxeboot.
Fresh install is typically the best solution, but there are ways around getting through bad packages, like removing and reinstalling, but that may take a while :)  
> -- Chuck Forsberg    




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