kdelibs-4.3.3-4 & kdelibs-common-4.3.3-4

ted ted002 at quadro.net
Mon Nov 30 02:58:48 UTC 2009

  These two packages are currently not available from updates for F11 or 
F12 (.i386 and .x86_64) and
have not been for at least the last four days. All KDE updates as a 
result hang yum. (Cannot be downloaded either
through yum nor directly from mirrors. The direct downloads ftp & http 
start and then hang.) Yum hangs
as it attempts to download a zero length file and the download time runs 
to infinity.
  This was also the case for F10 last week but the problem was fixed 
shortly after an e-mail to the list.
  Can someone please explain why these two packages are such a big 
problem - the same problem
has occurred repeatedly for each version update over at least the last 
year if not longer.
Is it encryption or the build process?
  Could an error mode be introduced to yum such that if download time 
exceeds, say, 1.0 x 10^20 sec. or
some such unreasonable length of time the update dies? I ask because 
currently when yum hangs trying
to download these files it becomes impossible to kill the process (as 
root) short of shutting down the machine.

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