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On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 5:31 PM, Juan Pablo Daza <tcpip4000 at>wrote:

> Hi, my name is Juan Pablo (JP),
> I've used linux since 1997 and have followed closely the fedora evolution
> from that time. All began playing with the kernel introducing RT behaviour
> (from rtlinux set of patches on RH 6.2) and breaking things while studying
> electrical engineering.
> I was worried on the internals of the OS so decided to use another point of
> view and installed Slackware and Gentoo to learn the internals of the
> operating system and the building process.
> Has been a while and now I decided to help this community to be greater
> than it is now, so I've already reported some bugs and helped the qbittorent
> process to release version 2.0.0 using F12 as a testing point:
> Well, that's a bit of myself, I wish you all the best.
> Juan P. Daza P.
> linux user: 431181

Hello Juan =)

I see you've applied for the 'fedorabugs' group, could you please apply for
the 'triagers' group. Then I'll be able to sponsor you as a member for the

Thanks for volunteering
Edward (irc tk009)
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