2009-10-29 - I18n Test Day Report

He Rui rhe at redhat.com
Mon Nov 2 09:43:23 UTC 2009


Many thanks to whom showing up in the i18n test day[1]. Many language 
environments have
been tested: Chinese, Korean, Czech, Malayalam, Brazilian, Bengali 
India, Kannada, Japanese,
Telugu and so on. The full results matrix can be seen on the wiki page, 
but here's a report of
all the bugs filed as a result of the Test Day and their current status:

531211 NEW  - [all_langs]: Lokalize does not render indic characters properly
531742 NEW  - [ml_IN]  Font too small in anaconda installer for Malayalam
525046 NEW  - [indic] yum showing content in indic languages, those are broken on terminal
527740 NEW  - [ml_IN] Applying Backspace to a chillu conjunct followed by punctuation/SPACE results in deletion of the chillu also
529905 NEW  - [ml_IN] Rendering of cons+virama+ra is wrong in oowriter
531994 NEW  - Fonts displayed too big on wiki websites in firefox
532405 NEW  - ibus has no cursors-following-up in QT-based applications
528303 NEW  - [ml_IN] Rendering of cons+virama+ra is wrong in KDE
526634 NEW  - system-config-date-docs need to be updated
526643 NEW  - system-config-samba help is not loading
526644 NEW  - system-config-nfs help is not loading
530976 NEW  - [Indic] Default keymap need to set for various languages
531812 NEW  - yum.Errors.GroupsError, "No Group named %s exists" % grpid
532399 NEW  - 'Downloads' folder's name in Home Folder isn't translated.
505100 ASSIGNED  - need xinput conf file for XIM to enable X locale compose maps
523454 MODIFIED  - [ml_IN] Fontconfig settings for Meera font not working properly
531423 MODIFIED  - double-spacing in language and keyboard dialogs
530285 CLOSED NOTABUG - Specific Information about default font need to be displayed on global font settings' GUI
529521 CLOSED DUPLICATE - [gu_IN] OO showing Square box instead of Number in GUI, Input is ok
531756 CLOSED NOTABUG - virt-manager is almost untranslated into Czech
529127 CLOSED RAWHIDE - [Indic][Various] Default font in oowriter is not Language Default (Lohit or Other), but DejaVu Sans
531747 CLOSED UPSTREAM - [ml_IN] "Mozilla Firefox" in Malayalam on title bar has spelling mistake
531691 CLOSED UPSTREAM - [All Lang][i18n] Body text of the composed mail is not appearing in the printed document
497095 CLOSED UPSTREAM - [bn][bn-IN] Incorrect rendering of a consonant conjunct while writing Bengali in KDE Applications

Best wishes,
He Rui

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-10-29


  FAS name: Rhe
  IRC nick: Hurry(rhe)#fedora-qa
  Email: rhe at redhat.com

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