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Enhancing Our Fedora 13 Release Criteria

I've been been thinking for a while that it would benefit us to rework our release criteria (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Release_Criteria) from being just a description of blocker bugs to more about the broader criteria that needs to be met to issue a public release.

I've proposed a few wiki pages to represent a slightly different framework for Fedora 13. I'm not saying the framework I've proposed is the one we have to use, but I think we need something a little more comprehensive. A lot of the information I used has been in existence for a long time at the QA Release Criteria page.

From it I created three separate pages--one for each public release: Alpha, Beta, and Final as well as an introductory page. I also added a few extra proposed bullets. I copied and pasted most of them from Release Criteria and adapted the ''shoulds'' and ''musts'' as specified--where ''must'' was required for all releases and ''should'' was only required for the final release. My hunch is that some of these requirements are dated and wrong which makes reviewing everything for Fedora 13 a good thing.


I think a separate page for each release is helpful because in reality each release has a separate target audience. The audience and goals for the Alpha release are much different than the audience and goals for the Final release. Certainly there will be overlap in these audiences, but I think we sell ourselves short if we assume the audience and goals for all three releases are the same. As we gather more information and establish a clearer profile of our end target audience from the fedora-advisory-board thread I can see this criteria changing more.

I also started a new blocker bug FAQ based on some the mail threads I saw during Fedora 12.

Check out the wiki pages and respond with your thoughts to this mail thread or to the associated wiki "talk" page. My hope is that we can refine and discuss these pages over the next two weeks and then meet at FUDCon in Toronto to discuss and put a framework in place for Fedora 13.


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