old noarch RPMs breaking deltaisos

Andre Robatino andre at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 12 17:28:58 UTC 2009

Beta RC1 contains many noarch RPMs built before the xz endianness
problem was fixed.  These prevent usable deltaisos from being built on
Rawhide.  (They can be built on F10/F11 since deltarpm for these
versions has no xz support, but are much bigger than they should be as a
result.  And once F10 goes EOL and F11's deltarpm gets xz support, even
this will no longer be possible.)  How hard would it be to
systematically rebuild all of these?

Also, I made the mistake of deleting my 12-Beta-TC ISOs.  However, these
are still on the alt.fedoraproject.org server at the same time as
12-Beta-RC1.  Could someone with access to this server make the
deltaisos and put them right on the server, where they belong?  It needs
to be done on F10/F11, as mentioned above.  The syntax is

makedeltaiso oldiso newiso deltaiso

where makedeltaiso is in the deltaiso package.  Your testers will thank
you.  (OpenSUSE has been doing this for years.)  They should be around
10-15% of the full ISO size, which even though bigger than necessary, is
still well worth it.

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