F12 beta live installs

Birger Wathne birger at birger.sh
Thu Oct 22 14:01:41 UTC 2009

I have tested a few installs on my idle test PC.

Overall, a nice new release with exciting news and a few blockers. 
Beautiful theme (as always).

Fedora 12 x86_64 live CD

Comes up nicely with 1920x1200 resolution using nouveau driver.
I must have pressed enter to wake up the display, as I found myself logged 
in without selecting keyboard layout. The default was USA layout. Easy 
enough to correct.
Installed to hard drive
Installed on entire drives
Selected Review and modify
Deleted all lvm stuff, built a raid1 device for /home and rebuilt the lvm vg
for swap and /
Creating filesystems took a long time. I would prefer to answer all
questions first so I could leave the PC.
The reboot button on the last screen didn't reboot. Just terminated the 
Rebooted and left.
When I came back the CD tray was ejected and the screen black. Nothing 
would wake the screen, so I removed the CD and forcefully rebooted. See the 
i686 install below for more info.
Booted nicely, went through firstboot, setting up my local NTP servers, etc.
Set up a local user.
Logged in, and the default keyboard was still USA...
Logged out and selected correct keyboard at login.
Still USA layout after login!
Went to system->preferences->Keyboard. USA was the only layout listed. 
Added Norwegian and removed USA.
Logged out and selected my user. The keyboard selector at the login screen 
still says USA. Ignored it and entered my password.
Got correct keyboard layout.
Login screen keyboard layout selector seems to not work at all. Keyboard 
selection at install doesn't have any effect on the default after install.
No 'desktop effects'. Hope nouveau gets there soon...
Did a yum update and rebooted. Got the superblock in the future error. Yes, 
I am east of Greenwich. A lot of us are. Make it part of your testing of 
all packages, please. The evolution-mapi connector is full of such time 
zone errors as well. I didn't work around this issue, as I was ready to 

Fedora 12 i686 live CD

This time I selected Norwegian layout while logging into the live session. 
This actually worked.
Installed just like the x86_64 install above. This time I was present while 
the system supposedly rebooted. After I typed reboot, the screen went 
black, the tray ejected, and then nothing. The system never rebooted. I 
assume this was the same with the x86_64 install.
Everything proceeded just like the x86_64 install. They seemed completely 
bug-compatible, including the keyboard layout selector at login not doing 
much good.
upgraded and rebooted to verify that the file system got updated in the 
future. It didn't! The system actually rebooted, but NetworkManager failed 
during login. Couldn't find some required resource. The network is up and 
running, but no icon.

If this kind of report is interesting, I was planning to do a basic install 
tomorrow from the x86_64 DVD, and then a network install. Just testing the 
basic installation. I have not been asked to submit smolt profiles during 
these installs from the live cd's. I'll do so tomorrow.


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