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Re: F12 beta live installs

On Thu, 2009-10-22 at 16:01 +0200, Birger Wathne wrote:
> I have tested a few installs on my idle test PC.
> Overall, a nice new release with exciting news and a few blockers. 
> Beautiful theme (as always).
> Fedora 12 x86_64 live CD
> Comes up nicely with 1920x1200 resolution using nouveau driver.
> I must have pressed enter to wake up the display, as I found myself logged 
> in without selecting keyboard layout. The default was USA layout. Easy 
> enough to correct.

There's a time-out on the login - if you leave it sitting at GDM long
enough, it just logs itself in with default options.

> Installed to hard drive
> Installed on entire drives
> Selected Review and modify
> Deleted all lvm stuff, built a raid1 device for /home and rebuilt the lvm vg
> for swap and /
> Creating filesystems took a long time. I would prefer to answer all
> questions first so I could leave the PC.
> The reboot button on the last screen didn't reboot. Just terminated the 
> installer.
> Rebooted and left.
> When I came back the CD tray was ejected and the screen black. Nothing 
> would wake the screen, so I removed the CD and forcefully rebooted. See the 
> i686 install below for more info.
> Booted nicely, went through firstboot, setting up my local NTP servers, etc.
> Set up a local user.
> Logged in, and the default keyboard was still USA...
> Logged out and selected correct keyboard at login.
> Still USA layout after login!
> Went to system->preferences->Keyboard. USA was the only layout listed. 
> Added Norwegian and removed USA.
> Logged out and selected my user. The keyboard selector at the login screen 
> still says USA. Ignored it and entered my password.
> Got correct keyboard layout.
> Login screen keyboard layout selector seems to not work at all. Keyboard 
> selection at install doesn't have any effect on the default after install.

I believe it's only meant to set the keyboard layout *for GDM* (if you
set your username and password with, oh, a Russian keyboard layout,
trying to enter them with an English one is unlikely to work
spectacularly well :>). I could be wrong here, though.

> No 'desktop effects'. Hope nouveau gets there soon...

3D is Hard, unfortunately. Especially when you have to reverse-engineer
everything (there's no specs for NVIDIA hardware). We are getting there,
though. Ben has somewhat-working compiz with a few artifacts on a few
NVIDIA chipsets, at this point in time. Give it a year or so, is my
guess, depending on your chipset.

> Did a yum update and rebooted. Got the superblock in the future error. Yes, 
> I am east of Greenwich. A lot of us are. Make it part of your testing of 
> all packages, please. The evolution-mapi connector is full of such time 
> zone errors as well. I didn't work around this issue, as I was ready to 
> reinstall.

It's been fixed already.

> upgraded and rebooted to verify that the file system got updated in the 
> future. It didn't! 

See above :)

> The system actually rebooted, but NetworkManager failed 
> during login. Couldn't find some required resource. The network is up and 
> running, but no icon.

Also known and fixed already, as long as you have NetworkManager and
NetworkManager-gnome 0.7.996-5.git20091021.fc12 or higher you won't see
this again.

> If this kind of report is interesting, I was planning to do a basic install 
> tomorrow from the x86_64 DVD, and then a network install. Just testing the 
> basic installation. I have not been asked to submit smolt profiles during 
> these installs from the live cd's. I'll do so tomorrow.

Certainly! Thanks a lot.

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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