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Semantic Mediawiki test setup: in alpha phase (more or less)

Short version:

We've been experimenting with using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) as a test case management system for Fedora QA (I used a SMW-based system as a QA engineer at OLPC, and it was functional enough to be interesting to James, apparently. ;)

First working (minimal) set up: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-09-03_SoaS#Test_Results (Shameless plug: if you want to try it out, come to the test day tomorrow!)

Exhaustive creation documentation: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-qa/2009-09-02/fedora-qa.2009-09-02-14.14.log.html (It features the hampster dance! For those of you who missed that meme some years ago: no, that is not a typo.)

...and it turns out the SMW community is interested in what we're doing. I was in #semanticmediawiki tonight and was asked if we could log our stuff in the upstream SMW users community (http://smw.referata.com/wiki/Fedora) and ping the semediawiki-user mailing list when we have something there we want to share - so I made a stub page and put in what I could. (Sebastian, could you put in any notes/logs/things you have, and ping the upstream list to let them know what we've been up to?)

I don't have the bandwidth to be "the SMW Test Case System Person" creating and maintaining this system, but would be happy to teach what I know of the process if someone is interested in taking this on, especially now that we've figured out how to actually make it work (we're in alpha!), what resources to draw on to learn more, and an upstream SMW community to engage with. SMW for test case management is a pretty new thing to do, so if anyone wants to hit up https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations#First, here's a good chance to do so.


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