Graphics Test Week recap

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Sep 18 21:34:24 UTC 2009

Sorry it's a bit, late, but it took a while to process all the results!

Graphics Test Week was a great success, with many people turning out to
all three events, many bugs filed, and many issues fixed already. Here's
a (long!) summary of all bugs filed in each event, and their current


522955 NEW  - VT Switch Failure with Radeon Driver
522065 NEW  - Fedora starts in low-res text mode even with KMS
518962 NEW  - ATI - Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting
522070 NEW  - Radeon Test Day: suspend freezes machine on Mobility Radeon X1300 [1002:7149]
522105 NEW  - [Radeon test day] weird lines over the screen during playing a video [5b62]
522137 NEW  - Test_Day:2009-09-09_Radeon: Multiple tests crash
522154 NEW  - Screen Loads Slowly with Display Rotation on Radeon XPRESS 200M
522228 NEW  - KMS cause X to fail & black screen while boot (ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M [1002:4337])
522238 NEW  - Test_Day:2009-09-09_Radeon QA:Testcase_radeon_basic: DVI-I output is turned off
522367 NEW  - [radeon test day] suspend just blanks monitors
522390 NEW  - VT switching failing with dual displays...
522395 NEW  - 16MB is not enough for correct operation in 1400x1050 on Radeon IGP
522397 NEW  - glxgears stopping when moving mouse over window borders or icons on Radeon IGP
522550 NEW  - Unable to Fast User Switching on Radeon Video Driver
522904 NEW  - [Radeon Test Day 2009-09-09] Suspend with Radeon X200 M hangs computer
523211 NEW  - ctrl+alt+F2 doesn't switch from VT1 to VT2 in some cases.
485953 ASSIGNED  - Display corruption on ATI ES1000
521512 ASSIGNED  - KMS: X Window Frozen with Radeon XPRESS 200M
522129 ASSIGNED  - Black Screen with Radeon XPRESS 200M
522271 ASSIGNED  - Fails to display with Radeon Mobility HD 2600 / M76
492723 ASSIGNED  - Radeon driver causing "noise" on DVI-connected LCD panel
505152 ASSIGNED  - Radeon RV280 & KMS: Textured video is not always an adequate replacement for overlay
493492 ASSIGNED  - Radeon R200 based system doesn't work correctly with fast user switching
522943 ASSIGNED  - Fast User Switching Results in Blank Login Screen
521277 ASSIGNED  - kernel BUG at drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm_bo.c:133
522057 ASSIGNED  - Kernel hangs on boot on Compaq Evo N800c (Radeon Mobility 7500) with ACPI enabled
522393 ASSIGNED  - Suspend to RAM hangs with flashing screen when KMS is enabled on Radeon IGP
522849 ASSIGNED  - Gamma fade when performing Switch User leaves screen greyish
522174 ASSIGNED  - split icons and panels in multihead boot
522086 ASSIGNED  - [kms] Test_Day:2009-09-09_Radeon QA:Testcase_radeon_basic monitor loses signal during boot
522091 ASSIGNED  - Test_Day:2009-09-09_Radeon QA:Testcase radeon fastuserswitch dim on switchback, hang
522110 ASSIGNED  - [radeon test day] black screen after rotation of a display [0x5b62]
522120 ASSIGNED  - Blank screen on user switch on Radeon IGP
522124 ASSIGNED  - [kms] X server crashes when external monitor is connected on Radeon IGP
522133 ASSIGNED  - Test_Day:2009-09-09_Radeon QA:Testcase_radeon_basic: Transition to login screen is not smooth
522176 ASSIGNED  - video junk during boot with multihead
522177 ASSIGNED  - drm: radeon r600 GPU lockup
522182 ASSIGNED  - While doing the fastuser switching test the X window locked up
522184 ASSIGNED  - Radeon test day: cursor not rotating along with screen
522202 ASSIGNED  - No DRI on Radeon 9100: at least 66000 kB of video memory needed
522206 ASSIGNED  - Radeon Test Day: after resume VT switch freezes machine on HD3200 [1002:9610]
522250 ASSIGNED  - Display corruption with modeset on M76
522252 ASSIGNED  - X crashes when re-ordering screens in a dualheaded setup on RV740
522260 ASSIGNED  - KMS lockups for laptop w/ Radeon HD 3400 / [1002:95c4]
522261 ASSIGNED  - Corruption in glxgears under compiz
522265 ASSIGNED  - rotate leave display blank for laptop w/ Radeon HD 3400 / [1002:95c4]
522268 ASSIGNED  - MTRR error on X server exit for laptop w/ Radeon HD 3400 / [1002:95c4]
522279 ASSIGNED  - text mode consoles don't work with KMS on R200 using the testday-20090909-x86_64 ISO
522285 ASSIGNED  - fast user switching corrupts displayed colors on R200 using the testday-20090909-x86_64 ISO
522287 ASSIGNED  - Running rendercheck makes X unresponsive (R200, testday-20090909-x86_64)
522288 ASSIGNED  - When two monitors are attached, the display with the invalid EDID is completely ignored
522289 ASSIGNED  - System doesn't wake up from suspend
522312 ASSIGNED  - Radeon Test Day: fast cube rotation crashes compiz on HD3200 [1002:9610]
522319 ASSIGNED  - delay returning from fullscreen in Totem with XVideo-Acceleration ON [kms]
522399 ASSIGNED  - Multiple compiz problems on Radeon IGP
522677 ASSIGNED  - projectM-pulseaudio fails with xorg-x11-drv-ati radeon driver [r600 dri]
522682 ASSIGNED  - Suspend freeze  livecd F12 rawhide on Radeon hd 3450
522778 ASSIGNED  - rendercheck does not complete even in 3 hours on Radeon 9550
522985 ASSIGNED  - Artifacts when scrolling in firefox when other application hover over
523200 ASSIGNED  - Fedora doesn't resume from suspend
523204 ASSIGNED  - Compiz fails on alt+tab
523208 ASSIGNED  - Fast user switch and VT
522197 CLOSED DUPLICATE - gdm blocked with busy pointer after a few user switches
520520 CLOSED RAWHIDE - [kms] Radeon HD 4770 [1002:94b3] hangs at X startup unless KMS is disabled
522034 CLOSED DUPLICATE - X Server not even starting with KMS enabled on Radeon 4870
522050 CLOSED DUPLICATE - X Server not starting on Radeon 3450
522066 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Radeon Test Day: after enabling compiz window operations freeze machine on Mobility Radeon X1300 [1002:7149]
522178 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Compiz locks up system
522181 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Radeon Test Day: display properties changes crashes multihead X server on Mobility Radeon X1300 [1002:7149]
522190 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Radeon Test Day: X server doesn't start with KMS on HD3200 [1002:9610]
522273 CLOSED DUPLICATE - X crashes when returning from a VT
522275 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Enabling desktop effects locks up the system
522280 CLOSED DUPLICATE - system hangs shortly after starting compiz on R200 using the testday-20090909-x86_64 ISO
522286 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Problems with multiple monitors
522366 CLOSED DUPLICATE - [radeon test day] enabling compiz causes X getting stuck
522659 CLOSED DUPLICATE - mouse pointer not rotated right after rotating screen
522690 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Radeon Test Day: extra rubbish on second display on boot up progress screen (multihead)
522698 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Random data on background during X startup on Radeon 9550
522779 CLOSED DUPLICATE - X server crashes with two monitors on Radeon 9550
522902 CLOSED DUPLICATE - [Radeon Test Day 2009-09-09] Enabling Compiz with Radeon X200 M (r300) hangs the system


522144 NEW  - After resume from console X servers queuing mouse events but not executing them
522361 NEW  - Nouveau doesn't work on Asus K50IN laptop
522601 NEW  - No X on "VGA ION" [10de:087d]
522645 NEW  - Hard lockup with Nvidia G72 [GeForce 7300 SE] after fast user switch
522647 NEW  - noticable freeze when skipping in Totem with nouveau driver
522786 NEW  - (nouveau) When playing some ogg/theora videos in firefox, Xorg slows down and consumes 100% of one CPU core
522796 NEW  - Suspend doesn't work with nouveau on NV34 — system freezes when waking
522864 NEW  - X hangs and monitor turns off a couple of seconds after starting on TNT2 M64
523190 NEW  - display stays off after resume
497785 ASSIGNED  - KMS and X fails while two monitors are connected (Quadro NVS 160M [10de:06eb])
505161 ASSIGNED  - Nouveau doesn't work on iMac G4 (GeForce4 440 Go NV17)
522318 ASSIGNED  - Fast user switching fails with NV43
522522 ASSIGNED  - totem video pauses and corrupts while window is being dragged
522540 ASSIGNED  - suspend->resume->white screen
522557 ASSIGNED  - Nouveau Test Day: machine crashes during resume on 9800M GTS [10de:062c]
522575 ASSIGNED  - X Server Failed to Start, system hanged after progress bar
522587 ASSIGNED  - Nouveau Test Day: no output with multi-head on 9800M GTS [10de:062c]
522637 ASSIGNED  - left screen is sometimes partially duplicated on the right after screen layout change
522649 ASSIGNED  - Nouveau KMS fails on NV34M
522750 ASSIGNED  - Fedora Test Day:2009-09-10 Nouveau LiveCD freezes if booting with rhgb
522940 ASSIGNED  - X crashes with two monitors on GeForce 6150 Go
523281 ASSIGNED  - X server crashes with GeForce2 MX and also with TNT2 M64
522197 CLOSED DUPLICATE - gdm blocked with busy pointer after a few user switches
522398 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Fast user switching fails on G70
522646 CLOSED DUPLICATE - system hang while switching virtual consoles with G72 [GeForce 7300 SE]
522688 CLOSED RAWHIDE - During the start of X-server on the screen appears a mosaic of black and white squares
522842 CLOSED RAWHIDE - Multihead fails on GeForce Go 7600
522932 CLOSED RAWHIDE - VT switch fails on GeForce 6150 Go


522551 NEW  - [nomodeset] Intel 855GM is broken with 'nomodeset'
524244 NEW  - X crashes with external monitor on Eee PC 701 (i915GM)
522544 NEW  - [KMS] graphical plymouth regresses sometimes to text one on Intel 855GM
522675 NEW  - mouse,keyboard don't work when boot from LiveCD
522884 NEW  - [Intel Test Day 2009-09-11] 3D (Compiz, Games, etc) don't work on Intel 945 on EEE 1000H
522944 NEW  - X hangs during startup with blank screen on i815
522951 NEW  - X does not start on i810
501435 ASSIGNED  - Xvideo failure on i855GM
502913 ASSIGNED  - Xv not working on integrated Intel video chipsets
522016 ASSIGNED  - system is extremely slow when booting to the login screen and desktop, high X CPU usage
522763 ASSIGNED  - Very disturbed display with scrolling window on firefox
522844 ASSIGNED  - gnome-screensaver does not blank screen after specified time
522943 ASSIGNED  - Fast User Switching Results in Blank Login Screen
522358 ASSIGNED  - DPMS fails on Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset
522360 ASSIGNED  - DRI2/GLX compiz fails to run on Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset
522849 ASSIGNED  - Gamma fade when performing Switch User leaves screen greyish
522857 ASSIGNED  - Compiz completely broken on i915G (heavy flickering on every mouse movement)
522875 ASSIGNED  - [Intel Test Day 2009-09-11] Running apps with 2 monitors on crashes the X server, Intel 945, EEE 1000H
523603 ASSIGNED  - Fast User Switching Results in Darker Display
522616 ASSIGNED  - screen is not locked after resume from suspend
522862 ASSIGNED  - [Intel Test Day] Strange white or blue bar below the progress bar in Plymouth with Intel 945 (EEE 1000H)
522869 ASSIGNED  - [Intel Test Day] Wrong resolution of the second display in Plymouth, Intel 945, EEE 1000H
522197 CLOSED DUPLICATE - gdm blocked with busy pointer after a few user switches
522744 CLOSED DUPLICATE - X won't launch with KMS disabled
522851 CLOSED RAWHIDE - All text is missing on i915G
522877 CLOSED DUPLICATE - [Intel Test Day 2009-09-11] DPMS doesn't work for Intel 945 on EEE 1000H
523591 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Flickering Screen when Enable Compiz with Intel 82945G/GZ
522398 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Fast user switching fails on G70
522858 CLOSED DUPLICATE - [Intel Test Day] [abrt] crash detected in control-center-1:2.27.91-5.fc12
522588 CLOSED DUPLICATE - gnome-screensaver is not being activated by g-p-m
521461 CLOSED DUPLICATE - Compiz fails to work on Fedora 12 Rawhide

Many thanks to the developers - Ben Skeggs, Dave Airlie, Adam Jackson,
Jerome Glisse - for coming out, and a big thanks to everyone who helped
contribute testing.

The developers will be working on the bugs filed as we move along with
Fedora 12, and we hope to have as many fixed as possible by the time we
make it to release.

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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