Can a triager consider to set CLOSED NEXTRELEASE?

Karel Volný kvolny at
Thu Sep 24 06:57:34 UTC 2009

>  You can't close a bug filed on a
>  stable release as CLOSED RAWHIDE. It's up to the maintainer,
>  now, to choose whether he intends to fix this for 11 as well
>  as Rawhide. If he does, he can make the fix and then do
>  CLOSED ERRATA. If he only wants to fix in Rawhide, he can do
>  CLOSED WONTFIX with a comment that the bug is fixed in
>  Rawhide but won't be fixed for 11.

ahem, I have to disagree a bit (or correct my understanding of 
the workflow :-))

Bugzilla help at says:

 A fix for the problem described will be included in the next 
major release of the product, and not in the release against the 
release which the bug was filed. When a bug is closed to this 
resolution, include information on the release in which the fix 
will be included in the summary.

so, if a bug is filed on a stable release, and the developer 
chooses to fix it just in rawhide, and for some reason the CLOSED 
RAWHIDE state wouldn't be used, then it still falls under CLOSED 
NEXTRELEASE (as the fix in rawhide is going to be cloned for the 
next release on its branching)

on the other hand, CLOSED WONTFIX cannot be used:

 The problem described is a bug which will never be fixed. This 
may happen when there is significant divergence from upstream. An 
explaination of why this resolution has been chosen should be 

- if the bug is fixed in rawhide, you can't say that it will 
never be fixed

AFAIK, the fact that it will never be fixed for some old version 
does not matter, as upgrade is proper way of getting the bugs 


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