Can a triager consider to set CLOSED NEXTRELEASE?

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Thu Sep 24 07:09:15 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-09-24 at 08:57 +0200, Karel Volný wrote:
> >  You can't close a bug filed on a
> >  stable release as CLOSED RAWHIDE. It's up to the maintainer,
> >  now, to choose whether he intends to fix this for 11 as well
> >  as Rawhide. If he does, he can make the fix and then do
> >  CLOSED ERRATA. If he only wants to fix in Rawhide, he can do
> >  CLOSED WONTFIX with a comment that the bug is fixed in
> >  Rawhide but won't be fixed for 11.
> ahem, I have to disagree a bit (or correct my understanding of 
> the workflow :-))
> Bugzilla help at 
> says:

This is not the canonical reference for Fedora, as it says at the top of
the page:

"Note: Bugs reported against Fedora products have a slightly different
life cycle which is described in more detail here."

'here' links to . That is
the canonical reference to Fedora. The page on is the
canonical reference for RHEL.

> on the other hand, CLOSED WONTFIX cannot be used:
>  The problem described is a bug which will never be fixed. This 
> may happen when there is significant divergence from upstream. An 
> explaination of why this resolution has been chosen should be 
> supplied.
> - if the bug is fixed in rawhide, you can't say that it will 
> never be fixed

Yes, you can, if the bug is filed on a specific Fedora release which is
not Rawhide. A bug which is filed against Fedora 11 is not fixed unless
an update is released for Fedora 11. If it is fixed in Rawhide but no
update is ever shipped for F11, and the reporter and maintainer do not
agree to re-assign the bug to Rawhide, the correct resolution is
WONTFIX, as the maintainer has chosen not to fix the bug in the release
against which it was reported.

This is somewhat a consequence of the fact that Bugzilla does not work
well for tracking bugs against multiple releases of a distribution,
which leads to these somewhat odd-looking cases. But it's all we've got
to work with.

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