2009-09-24 Xfce Test Day Recap

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Mon Sep 28 19:38:13 UTC 2009

Here's a quick recap of the recent Xfce test day: 


We had a pretty good turnout of testers trying Xfce out from rawhide
installed machines and live media. 

525471 NEW  - [abrt] crash detected in xfce4-xkb-plugin-
525515 NEW  - Cycle asking "should disk be blanked before writing?"
525671 NEW  - Enabling/disabling "Use system defaults" cause reset of change layout option
525464 NEW  - Pasting to empty quicksearch field doesn't work
525616 NEW  - Midori crashes after adding shortcut to speedial
525634 NEW  - [abrt] crash detected in midori-0.1.10-1.fc12
525635 NEW  - [abrt] crash detected in midori-0.1.10-1.fc12
525653 NEW  - Advericement filters do not work as i expected
525514 ASSIGNED  - Xfburn cannot blank mounted disk
525486 ASSIGNED  - Xfce Display settings don't support Multi-monitor configuration
525518 ASSIGNED  - [abrt] crash detected in xfburn-0.4.2-1.fc12
525446 ASSIGNED  - xfrun4 should have basic syntax completion
525449 ASSIGNED  - Links from evolution are opened in non-default browser
525450 ASSIGNED  - Unable to set layout toggle key from keyboard settings dialog
525501 ASSIGNED  - xfce4-mouse-settings not starting
525503 ASSIGNED  - Grabled non-latin symbols in notification area parameters
525511 ASSIGNED  - [abrt] crash detected in exo-0.3.101-4.fc12
525529 ASSIGNED  - Doesn't allow to eject cd with button
525563 ASSIGNED  - User switching applet is missing
525713 ASSIGNED  - Unmuting PCM channel do not work properly
525718 ASSIGNED  - [abrt] crash detected in xfce4-panel-4.6.1-3.fc12
516057 ASSIGNED  - gets whacked by selinux execmem check
525426 CLOSED CANTFIX - cannot move more icons
525435 CLOSED CANTFIX - renaming icon cause location change
525441 CLOSED NOTABUG - workspace switcher preferences option allow/deny wheel switching does not work
525131 CLOSED DUPLICATE - segfault starting midori on liveCD
525642 CLOSED NOTABUG - No left-click menu when I run gnome-power-manager applet in xfce4

Thanks to all the users and maintainers who were able to attend and

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