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Re: Bulgarian language in FC3

On 2004-08-01 (Sunday) 23:07, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 08:28:26PM +0200, ???????? ????????? wrote:
> > Same question for Macedonian translation. What need to be completed in
> > order to add the langugae as official translation?
> > It only Essential required? We have completed almost all of the
> > translations, however, I doubt we'll be translating "dist" package.
> > Will a translation make an official entry without this package?
> Once the installer and the like are done you need to file an anaconda
> bug asking for your language to be added. Also include the language name
> (in English(US) and native), default keyboard map, default font set, 
> default time zone.

    Thanks. I filled bug 128949, hope I did it right :)

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