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dist module updated


i do some modify of dist module in zh_TW.po
including gcc, mysql, sendmail, and traceroute part
modify lines was attached below as refference

parus lin

#: libgcc-3.0-5.i386.rpm:1005 gcc3-3.0-5.src.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"Some GCC version 3.0 and later compiled libraries and/or binaries\n"
"need this shared support library."
msgstr ""

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1005 mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. MySQL is a\n"
"client/server implementation consisting of a server daemon (mysqld)\n"
"and many different client programs and libraries. This package\n"
"contains the MySQL client programs, the client shared library, and\n"
"generic MySQL files."
msgstr ""

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1004 mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1004
msgid "MySQL client programs and shared library."
msgstr "MySQL應用程式與?享函式庫"

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1005 mysql-devel-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. This\n"
"package contains the libraries and header files that are needed for\n"
"developing MySQL applications."
msgstr ""

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1004 mysql-devel-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1004
msgid "Files for development of MySQL applications."
msgstr "撰寫MySQL應用程式所需檔案"

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1005 mysql-server-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. MySQL\n"
"is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon\n"
"(mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries. This\n"
"package contains the MySQL server and some accompanying files and\n"
msgstr ""

#: mysql-3.23.28-0.1.src.rpm:1004 mysql-server-3.23.28-0.1.i386.rpm:1004
msgid "The MySQL server and related files."
msgstr "MySQL伺服器與相關檔案"

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1005 sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"The Sendmail program is a very widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA).\n"
"MTAs send mail from one machine to another. Sendmail is not a client\n"
"program, which you use to read your email. Sendmail is a\n"
"behind-the-scenes program which actually moves your email over\n"
"networks or the Internet to where you want it to go.\n"
"If you ever need to reconfigure Sendmail, you will also need to have\n"
"the sendmail.cf package installed. If you need documentation on\n"
"Sendmail, you can install the sendmail-doc package."
msgstr ""

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1004 sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1004
msgid "A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA)."
msgstr "?個廣泛使用的郵件遞送代理程式(MTA)"

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1005 sendmail-cf-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"This package includes the configuration files you need to generate the\n"
"sendmail.cf file distributed with the sendmail package. You will need\n"
"the sendmail-cf package if you ever need to reconfigure and rebuild\n"
"your sendmail.cf file."
msgstr ""

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1004 sendmail-cf-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1004
msgid "The files needed to reconfigure Sendmail."
msgstr "重新設定sendmail需要這些檔案"

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1005 sendmail-doc-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"The sendmail-doc package contains documentation about the Sendmail\n"
"Mail Transport Agent (MTA) program, including release notes, the\n"
"Sendmail FAQ, and a few papers written about Sendmail. The papers are\n"
"provided in PostScript(TM) and troff formats."
msgstr ""
"的相關文件 包括發佈紀錄, 與sendmail的常見問題\n"

#: sendmail-8.11.1-1.src.rpm:1004 sendmail-doc-8.11.1-1.i386.rpm:1004
msgid "Documentation about the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent program."
msgstr "Sendmail MTA程式相關文件"

#: traceroute-1.4a5-25.i386.rpm:1005 traceroute-1.4a5-25.src.rpm:1005
msgid ""
"The traceroute utility displays the route used by IP packets on their\n"
"way to a specified network (or Internet) host. Traceroute displays the\n"
"IP number and host name (if possible) of the machines along the route\n"
"taken by the packets. Traceroute is used as a network debugging\n"
"tool. If you are having network connectivity problems, traceroute will\n"
"show you where the trouble is coming from along the route."
msgstr ""

#: traceroute-1.4a5-25.i386.rpm:1004 traceroute-1.4a5-25.src.rpm:1004
msgid "Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network."
msgstr "追蹤封包穿越TCP/IP網路的路徑"

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