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Re: About the new Status Pages


I said that's what I'd like to see and that I do agree with it, I didn't say it's what's currently done. It's what I'd do if I had a say. But I believe I need to first get some more visibility into who the teams really are, before I really push for it. Another reason why I need to put up team pages, and I'm planning on doing it as soon as I get some time. However, I won't keep any "official" from acting on it anyway. :)


Alan Cox schrieb:

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 03:03:55PM +1000, Bernd Groh wrote:

that cvs access should be restricted, and the group should decide when/if it is time to give a "newcomer" cvs access. I've said the


On behalf of the Welsh group please don't add sign any newcomers up without
checking with me or Dafydd Harries <daf parnassus ath cx>. Point them
at http://parnassus.ath.cx/~daf/gnome-cy


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