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Re: Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

tis 2004-07-06 klockan 09.51 skrev Bernd Groh:
> >* This is the first time I ever hear about this person. Swedish is not a
> >big language, and free software translations for it is of course done by
> >an even smaller community. I've been translating free software into
> >Swedish for six years now, and am quite familiar with the few people
> >that are working to do the same in other projects.
> >Searching Google, I can find no references to a person with this name
> >and mail address. Searching only for the name leaves me with quite a few
> >hits, since the first name and last name are both common ones. But no
> >match whatsoever has a connection to Linux or OSS/free software or
> >translations.
> >
> >Given all of this, I find it hard to believe that this person is for
> >real, and I find it quite insulting that you believe that this person
> >would do a better job translating anaconda than me. Perhaps that's not
> >what you really and honestly do believe, but then again your comment
> >together with the fact that this person has taken the anaconda
> >translation, and thus in fact is allowed to lock me out, would sure let
> >one believe this.
> Maybe the fact that I've offered you the maintainership of all swedish 
> modules, twice even, and now for the third time, since it's still yours 
> for the taking if you want it, which would put you into the position to 
> release the module from that person and take it yourself, or let someone 
> else take it, should, IMO, not make you believe this.

IIRC you hadn't made any such offer at the time you replied that this
unknown person was the new anaconda translator.
And IIRC I have also replied stating that yes, I have been since the
year 2000, and would like to still continue to be, the Swedish Fedora
translation coordinator, and would like you to make the current access
restrictions reflect that.
And before you reply that you would like confirmation from the team, I'd
like to make clear that the active translators are just me and Göran
Uddeborg, and we've already in the past agreed that I be the
coordinator. And no, I don't count the unknown person with the dirty
mail address on the web as an active contributor.

> Or have you seen 
> me offering the maintainership of the swedish modules to anyone you've 
> never heard of?

See my "perhaps that's not what you really believe" comment in what I
wrote. With this I meant that I didn't believe you personally had
intentionally assigned the module to someone else. It was a flaw in the
new status pages/policy that allowed that to happen.
Thus my whole remark was a reply to you defending that flaw, and the
implications the flaw has in effect.

> And no, I do not believe that this person would do a 
> better job translating anaconda than you, fact is, I do not speak 
> swedish and I cannot and will not make judgement. I know through 
> third-party feedback that you've done an extremely good job keeping the 
> swedish translations up to date and to a good quality in the past

Nice to hear that the word is going around.

> My statement didn't 
> intend to say that the person who took anaconda has a right to look you 
> out, I simply meant to say that you're invited to become a maintainer 
> and release that person yourself, since I don't think it's my job to 
> decide on who's allowed to do swedish translations and who isn't. I 
> believe swedish speaking people should do that.

Then we agree. Then I urge you to please scrap the "everyone can take a
Swedish translation" functionality on the translation status pages. I
would like new Swedish translation volunteers to contact me first and
recieve my approval before they can contribute.

And it's not that I'm intentionally evil or like bureaucracy. I don't. I
simply want to know who wants to translate into Swedish. I want them to
contact me, because I have other things to do aswell, and my time is
precious to me. I probably cannot hunt down potential contributors, and
I don't want to spend my time trying. If they want to contribute, they
can contact me.

If you say you don't want to restrict this, then you're contradicting
yourself. You can't both say that you don't want to be the one that
decides who's allowed to do Swedish translations, and then implement a
free access for anyone system. Then you are in fact deciding on who's
allowed to do Swedish translations.

Unless you can agree on delegating that responsibility in the Swedish
case to me, because then you are delegating that responsibility to a
Swedish speaking person who can make an informed judgement and decision.
A person that has already been taking that responsibility and
accountability in the past, and will continue to do so.

> I'm sorry if it felt like an insult to you, it wasn't meant to be one.

Apology accepted.


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