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Re: Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Hi Keld,

Keld Jørn Simonsen schrieb:


I dont get this new arrangement. I understand that with the new setup
other people can steal the ownership of the translation files that I
have done, if there are a few translations that have not been done for
some days. That is not very desirable.

We haven't really changed all that much. Previously, everyone could commit at any time. As such, everyone could "steal" anyones translations at all time, and worse, nobody even knew about it. I, personally, found that not to be very desireable. We are now in the process of making things more desireable. As a first step, we've added a layer of visibility to how things are. So, even though somebody else might have taken modules you've translated before, and you didn't know about it, what has changed is that now, you do know about it, since everyone can see who's currently doing what.

I have maintained fedora7redhat
translations for Danish for a couple of years now, and they have always
been fully translated for each release. For the sake of the users it is
better that there is an experienced translator that can assure
consistency of the translations, than to get somebody afresh to do
occational translations.

Completely agree. That's why we've also introduced a Maintainer. A Translator doesn't really "own" a file, the Maintainer does. If you've been translating, in fact, maintaining a certain module in the past, we'd make you the Maintainer of that module. This gives you an even greater visibility into who's currently working on the file, since you'll be notified if someone takes the module or commits the file. As Maintainer, you are allowed to step in at any time, and release the module from the current translator, and either let somebody else take it, or take it yourself. Previously, there was no way for you to keep another translator from committing a file you've been working on, and worse, you wouldn't even have known about it.

It also breaks tradition in the open source community that one person
"owns" maintenance of a file/project until it is given up, or a longer
period of bad maintenance has occurred.

That is the same with a Maintainer in our case. But, even though only one person "owns" a file, several other people can "contribute" to the file. In order to reduce conflicts, we allow only one other person to contribute at any given time, and we allow the Maintainer to cancel someones contributions at any time.

There's still a lot we need to do, but that's how we've started.

Best Regards,

Best regards

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