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RE: [Fwd: help]

Sarah Wang <sarahs redhat com> wrote:

>Subject: help
>Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 10:16:19 +0545 (NPT)
>From: "Pawan Chitrakar" <pawan nplinux org>
>To: <fedora-trans-list redhat com>
>CC: <sarahs redhat com>
>i have just joined fedora translation project.
>i have checkout the module and work on translation but i would like to get
>the glossary if possible to translate before begining the actual
>translation. Can anyone please help me to get the glossary.
>and i would like to get some more information on commiting the translation
>work in cvs.

for  commiting, use following

check your files ,so that there is no problem at update
msgfmt -cv np.po

then update to cvs

cvs up np.po

if is M status of your file, then you can commit that files


cvs commit -m 'message' np.po

>My language is "ne" NEPALI
>Thank You,



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