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Re: CVS question, concurrent translations


If you are using KBabel;
Setting => Dictionary setting => PO compendium
Set your .po file as it's path.
Close KBable once, restart and open his file downloaded from cvs.
You can see your translation (per msgid) in the serching tab located in
right hand side.
Highlight the serching result and click "Copy serching result into
msgstr" button in the tool bar.
Since exact matching (100%) with msgid appearing at the top highlighted
in the tab, only you have to do is click "Copy serching result into
msgstr" for each string. eg. you have 50 changes, click 50 times.
This also allows you to compare his translation conflicted and decide
which is prefarable for you.

Finally you commit the file.
Hope this help.


Hello, this is my question:
Recently, two of our translation team members (I and another member) accidentaly worked on the same .po file. I didn't notice that he has already "Take"n the file. Sometime after, I did a "cvs up" and our translations didn't match. So I had some lines in the file which pointed my version and his versio delimited by ">>>>> his trans ===== my trans <<<<<<" and so on. It was hard to remove them manually, since a lot of work has been done. I solved this by deleting the .po file and did a "cvs up" again, which downloaded his version only. Is there a way to overwrite my changes when updating using some cvs commands?


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