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Re: Specs i18n

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 15:39 +0200, Göran Uddeborg wrote:
> Pedro Morais writes:
> > When will the specs.po i18n be updated?
> But it is almost a year old now.  Some have cc:ed themselves, there
> has been some field modification and duplicates.  But as far as can be
> seen from the outside, there hasn't been any real action.

The problem is that as it currently stands, specspo is a completely
broken process.

Specspo was intended to provide a solution to two different problems:
1) A unified location for our documentation team to proofread and edit
the various textual areas of a specfile
2) A unified location for translations of these textual areas.

Unfortunately, with the first of these, it basically means that there
isn't a good canonical location.  Changes would get made in specspo and
then not pushed back into the spec file of the package itself.  Then,
merging in updated descriptions from spec files as well as new packages
becomes something of a nightmare. 

So, to get out of this mess, I think that there are going to be some
changes to how specspo works, it's just a matter of getting the round
'tuits to get the changes done (or even written up so that someone else
can do it :-)  On my list, hopefully in the next day or so for at least
the writing it up part...


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