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Re: Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Youcef Rabah Rahal schrieb:

Again, I have NOTHING against him in particular. As stated above, I'm concerned bu consisteny, QA... Like I said in another email, I'll contact him, no problem. It's just that I wasn't expecting such traffic from a 'simple' request :)

I simply wanted to make sure you understood why I am not going to fullfill this request, and it is important to me that you do understand. :)

Best Regards,

What exactly is more important to you, that the translations get done,
or that you get some credit?

QA, consistency, no conflicts...

And no, the po header does only list the last translator. Some programs keep previous translators in comments,
others do not.

In our team we are keen to keep all the names there (check the translated POs). And I _personally_ check that constantly. There are even the names of people who translated the 7 strings before we started working on it. So everyone is there.

About the 'human factor': when a new system is installed, it should
consider what was already in place in terms of who was doing what. If
someone comes by chance and fills a blank field because the system is
very recent (and the community is not even aware of such a change yet),
then the responsible should say, 'OK sorry, but there's already a team
translating, why not contact them first ?'.

You seem to talk about someone, as opposed to the community? Does that
mean you do not consider this someone part of the community? What for
you is the community?

Community: people who are already working on something. Someone: a new comer (which will be integrated to the community).

Then there shouldn't be a problem, right? Again, thank you. :)



- -- Youcef R. Rahal
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