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Panjabi rabbithole (pa)

       We want Translate Fedora, We already make Gnome 2.4 in Punjabi. Locale file is  created, 

Please  Help us to start with you from step no 1


1)File that were Translated are attached, 
        Fonts freeSans are included

2)Punjabi_lcocale Files are those which are required to run the Punjbai as 

locale.dir  Please pa_IN.UTF-8

I am working on Fedora 1 with Punjabi Interface, works well.
I will create package soon, but please now work with this

Once Again, helps use to give the roadmap to work ( as my files are aimless shooting)

Best wishes

Amanpreet Singh Alam

Amanpreet Singh Alam
KBST Punjab

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Attachment: aman.tar.bz2
Description: aman.tar.bz2

Attachment: Punjabi_Locale.tar.bz2
Description: Punjabi_Locale.tar.bz2

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