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Re: Some questions...

On வ, 2004-02-27 at 16:21, Metin Amiroff wrote:
> Hi translators and coordinators!
> I have some questions related with fedora-i18n...
> 1. I was wondering if there was any way to get only
> pot files for translating because doing  cvs -z9 co translate
> takes too long with dial up connection.

You could try the following commands:

$ wget http://carolina.mff.cuni.cz/~trmac/fedora-i18n/ta.html
(gets a language's html status page)

$ grep 'fedora/translate/.*pot' ta.html | \
sed 's!.*a href=".*fedora/translate/\([^"]*\)".*!\1!' > /tmp/pot.names

(picks the pot file names and writes to /tmp/pot.names)

$ cvs co -c > modules.lst

(gets the modules in cvs)

$ for line in `cat /tmp/pot.names`
key=`echo $line|awk -F/ '{print $1}'`;
(echo -n `grep ^po_$key modules.lst |awk '{print $NF}'`;
echo $line|sed 's![^/]*!!')>> /tmp/cvs_pots.txt ;

(generates the correct path for pot files to do cvs co)

$ cvs -z6 co `egrep -v '(comps|users|proc)' /tmp/cvs_pots.txt` \
comps-po/comps.pot \

(the actual cvs check-out. whew!!)

> 2. Is there any plan to build status pages like Gnome
> and KDE communities have? I know about
> http://elvis.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-status but
> I am looking for the thing where we could download
> po/pot files from the web.

As has already been answered, try:

> 3. Do we have an "add" permission with our cvs account?
> I mean how do we add our very first translations?
> I know that we can commit but not sure about adding.
> Should we send them to Sarah Wang or other coordinator?
After copying the translated file as file as
you could do:
$ cvs add <your-two-letter-langcode>.po
$ cvs commit <your-two-letter-langcode>.po

> 4. I am quoting:
> from Hariraam Aathreya:
> >The other requirement to be included in the
> > distribution, I believe, is a proper GPL'ed font.
> Is this correct? Which types of fonts are required?
> Being an Azeri developer I can tell that our latin based 
> alphabet is supported by many commercial fonts
> (MS fonts also) but the only TTF alternative in Open
> Source world is "Mandrake Teams". Though other
> font types are not a problem and all of them support 
> Azeri latin.
> So, what are the real conditions to get into
> release? Is there any documentation related this?

I am yet to find an answer to this question.
Searched the RedHat website. No luck.
Could anyone on the list help ?


> Thanks for your time.
> --Metin Amiroff

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