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Re: can not a connect to CVS

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 14:43, Almacha wrote:
> I know this is certainly a stupid question but why do I got :
> Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).

I think that the public key that server knows as yours is not the pair
to the private key you're using.

> cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages  
> if any)
> [almacha cheval almacha]$
> when I try to connect to CVS (cvs -z9 co translate or anything else).
> I have this in my ~/.bashrc file:
> export CVSROOT=:ext:almacha i18n redhat com:/usr/local/CVS
> export CVS_RSH=ssh

I think this should be:
export CVSROOT=:ext:almacha elvis redhat com:/usr/local/CVS

(notice i18n changed for elvis, at least that's how I have it)

> My username is almacha and I did signup in 
> http://rhlinux.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-signup/ and received an E-Mail 
> which told me "According to our records, your request has been resolved."
> I have a ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub file that contains:
> ssh-dss
> 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 
> almacha cheval animala almacha
> I don't know if I put this key in the signup page but what I am sure of
> is that I made both keys with
> ssh-keygen -t dsa
> and I used exactly the same password.
> In fact I have 2 computers and I think I made 2 keys with the same
> password but I can't login with any of them.

Making two keys with the same password will not produce two identical
private/public key pairs. There's a random value used to compute those
keys. The password is only used to unlock the key.

Hope this helps!

> The other one is: (on my other computer, its hostname is 
> leopard.animala.almacha)
> ssh-dss
> 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
> almacha leopard animala almacha
> Does my problem come from the key or is it something else ?
> What should I do ?

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