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Re: Installation Language at anaconda

Sarah Wang menulis:

AFAIK, if the translation status for essential packages is more than 90%, that locale would have a very good chance to be listed for installation. Is Malay alphabet based language? Does it need special font installed?

I've filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=117708

The official writing of Malay use only ascii char, A to Z, a to z, doesnt even use extended latin char. No special font needed.

Actually, Malay has another form of writing, Jawi Script,
which is not popular. But that not the type of Malay filed at bugzilla.

Hasbullah Bin Pit wrote:

Dear all

I'm trying my best to conplete anaconda-po & anaconda/gui/help
Malay translation. I hope malay can be one of the language
that user can use during installation.

Is that any way that i can check what is the language listed for installation?

any cvs module to checkout?

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)

"Fiber optic tu kecik, kalau kita letak high speed internet 312 Kbps tu,
 nanti fiber tu pecah." -  1-300-88-9515

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