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Re: Accidental string changes in anaconda?

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 17:29, Christian Rose wrote:
> Ok, so why someone seems to have reverted all string changes that have
> happened the last months in anaconda beats me.

Hrmm?  I haven't touched the .pot file recently (since test1-ish). 
Granted, I _should_ push what's current but I haven't recently.  There
haven't been really many changes at all, though.    Hrmm... actually, I
think I might see what happened -- it looks like I somehow missed
committing the changed anaconda.pot file when I updated stuff and then
sarahs remerged stuff last night.  

Ugh.  I'll clean this up tonight after I get home as best as I can. 
It's going to require going back to the state of things before Sarah's
merging last night, remerge with what's in devel CVS and then push
again.  Which means that anything from today will be lost :/  I _think_
that's probably the best plan, though (you can always then go back a
revision to before my merging).

Yet another reason why I need to finish getting to where I can put
anaconda's CVS repository in general on rhlinux.redhat.com and just be
done with this nonsense of duplicate CVS repositories for translations


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