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Re: Update Files at the Fedora

On Friday 12 Mar 2004 13:34, Aman ALAM wrote:
> Hi
> I update some po files and need to update, I use update command with cvs
> account,
> ++++++++++++++++it shows  status  M(locally modify)
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> but also there is message at every time when i login
>  (Please give  complete steps to update the status)
> At the site of Fedora, status is not update, Please Help me to start the
> update on the site

"M" means you have modified files and have not committed them to cvs.

cvs ci -m "Translated messages"

will commit them. "Translated messages" is whatever you choose - this informs 
other people what changes you have made to the files.

Also, if you create new files that don't exist in cvs, you need to "add" them.

cvs add yourfile.po

will do this - you then need to commit in the same way.

KDE Proof Reading Team
KDE British English Translation Team


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