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Re: status-page

Hi Csaba,

The package names on the statuspage are the names of POT files instead of CVS module names - by theory the POT name should be the same as the module/directory name, but unfortunately it is not the case. The reason is a historical one. Most of the configuration tools were called redhat-config-something previously. They have been changed to system-config-something - only the POT name has been changed not the CVS directory name. The only exception is specspo module - the POT file is called dist.pot.

Yes I agree with you that it would make a lot of sense to have consistent names across status page and CVS repository.


Szigetvári Csaba wrote:

I noticed a difference in the naming of modules between the statuspage and
the CVS repository.

It is not very difficult to find out how the modulenames are related, but
wouldn't it make sense to use exactly the same names on the statuspage as in


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