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Re: cvs -z9 output messages

Sarah Wang wrote:

Alexandru Repede wrote:

can anybody point to me what each output message from
¨cvs -z9¨ means ?

-z9 is the level of compression, usaully used as a check out option.

i am particulary interested in what ¨?
<package>/<ll>.po¨ means ? (ex. ¨?
redhat-condig-users/ro.po¨ means what to me, talking
into consideration that i modified the ro.po file ?)

If you see "?" before a file, that means the file is not in the CVS repository. You need to "cvs add" to add the file, than "cvs commit" to commit the addition. You maynot have the permission to do "cvs add", if that's the case, just send me the file offline.

i took a brief look at the cvs manual and did not find
any section on output messages. does it have one ?
does anybody know where it is ?

I will put a basic CVS tutorial on Fedora translation project mainpage soon.



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Sorry, I could not answer to this topic earlier. For the http://www.planet.nl internet provider (the biggest in the Netherlands) what we build up with a project of 12 people, I wrote a document to use CVS with a comparison to System V SCCS. You can find the document on http://gershwin.xs4all.nl/cvs I could translate to english if necessary, I have time for it.

cvs -z3 is normally used, -z9 is very heavy compression thus a abnormal load on the server computer.

Peace is everywhere

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