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not much traffic

Hello friends,

As being a former SIL employee and christian, from 1982 till 1987, I was very much interested in languages and numbers. I even thought that Irian Jaya had 666 different languages. Scientifically this is not true, look at the following link:


This number is dynamically of course and dependent on the amount of native speakers. If you count the value of your letters, if they even are IPA letters, up or down, left to right vice-versa is totally dependent of your culture.

Eg. I think that they started to write Hebrew 751 years before the christan roman calender, during King Josia.

After May 1st, I will stop my homepage and @xs4all provider address and going to live nearby my 94yr old mother in Denia Spain, I will do that on my Honda CB750K four pipe motorbike, quite an adventure ;-)

Peace is everywhere

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