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Re: Tagalog Translation

Welcome to the community. That's the spirit! =)

Buong katapatan,

Technical Translator/German
Red Hat Asia-Pacific

Alexander Lumantao schrieb:


I'm interested in participating in the translation of the Fedora Core Software and Documentations. I am 14 years old and I am really good in computers. I am willing to give up my time in order to contribute to the project. If this request of mine will be granted, I shall form a group from other Filipino programmers so that we can help each other in the localization of Fedora Core. I am fluent in english and in tagalog for I have been a resident of the Philippines since birth. I am a pure-blooded Filipino and contributing to this project is one of my ways of promoting the Philippines as a highly educated country. I know certain I.T. managers that also use Fedora Core for they introduced me to it and I think that they would also be really happy in contributing to this worthy cause. I hope to receive your reply soon regarding the matter.

Alexander Lumantao

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