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Re: if your language is not included in anaconda installer...

What are essential pacakage

We complete about 40% line and complete all lines
Ananconda mail file about 87% complete. Are we able to add our language Punjabi to Installtion.
What main file we need to complete first

baldrick terra es wrote:


I filed the bug asking for the inclusion of all languages over the 90%
of translated strings of the essential packages. The bug number is
119395, which is now closed:

For those languages that have not yet been included (bn, hi, ta, and vi,
as the time of this writing), I'd like to remind you that, as stated in
the bug report, you need to file for your language if you want it to be
included, indicating:

Full language name:
Short name:
Default Locale:
Default keyboard map:
Console font:

I did it by filing a bug with category "enhancement" to anaconda. I
don't know if it is a good example, but you can check it here:

I'm writing here because I personally didn't know I had to file my
language, and thus it was left out from FC 2 test 2 during installation
(seems that Alan missed that too :).

I think it would be sad if after all your efforts your language was not
included [in the installation process] just because it was not filed
properly. Of course one shouldn't request the inclusion of a language
which has not yet translated 90 % of the strings of the essential



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