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moving anaconda CVS: will effect existing checkouts

I'm starting the process to get the CVS repository for anaconda on
rhlinux.redhat.com instead of the current juggling there is between the
internal CVS repository and the external for the translations.
Unfortunately, in doing so, I'm going to have to somewhat break existing
checkouts :(

With the new setup, you'll get the following:
* cvs co anaconda will give you the full anaconda source tree
* cvs co po_anaconda will give you the po directory from anaconda in an
anaconda dir
* cvs co anaconda-help will get you the anaconda-help stuff

So, if you have an existing checkout with no existing changes, the
easiest thing to do will probably be to just do fresh checkouts.  If you
have outstanding changes, doing
  mv anaconda anaconda.old
  cvs co po_anaconda anaconda-help
  cp anaconda.old/anaconda-po/* anaconda/
  cp anaconda.old/anaconda-online-help/* anaconda-help/
should copy over everything I think.

I'll try to look at writing the script to convert a current checkout to
the new layout over the weekend or the start of next week, but figured
I'd go ahead and send this much.  Once I'm finished moving things
around, I'll send a message here.  Until then, check-ins to anaconda are
highly not recommended.

Thanks and sorry for the short notice.  But this should make the process
significantly better for everyone so that we can have even better
translations for FC3.


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