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Re: Fedora Core 3 Release Notes translation

Hello, Sarah and team!

I would not be annoying but we have only 3 days before Export approval!

Do Red Hat Team plans give us a chance to translate Release Notes?

Andrew Martynov
Russian translation team


On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 11:10:13 +0400, Andrew Martynov <andrewm inventa ru> wrote:

I understand Red Hat team should be very careful with this document but
end user is waiting good translation of whole product.

Please do not use the term *end user* in an open-source context. Fedora is a project, NOT a product.

I suppose translation teams could provide good enough "unofficial"
translation of Release Notes.

Yes, I agree with you. An unofficial translation could be included I suppose, for users that do not find themselves comfortable with English, for example.

Regards, Tomislav Markovski Macedonian Translation Team

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