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Re: How to localize Firefox?

ÎÏÎÏ 26/ÎÎÎ/2004, ÎÎÎÏÎ ÎÎÏÎÏÎÎÏÎ ÎÎÎ ÏÏÎ 12:13, Î/Î Josep Puigdemont
> Hi!
> El dv 26 de 11 del 2004 a les 12:50 +0100, en/na Martin Otten va
> escriure:
> > Hello Josep,
> > 
> > If you want to translate Firefox, as I know, this is the wrong project.
> > The FC-translation-project only translates parts developed by the fedora 
> > community.
> > 
> > As Firefox is a product of the Mozilla Foundation you shall ask there 
> > for help.
> > 
> > Please correct me if this is wrong.
> Sorry, I didn't explain what I meant very well :(
> There are translations for Firefox (and mozilla) already done. What I
> meant was how to include the localizations by default in FC, because as
> of FC3 they are not (correcte me if I'm wrong).
> The browser is 50% of the desktop, and if it is not translated, we don't
> have a very good localization support, and that's the first thing users
> will see.

>From the bug report, the language of interest is Norwegian Bokmal, which
is full translated and exists an XPI for Firefox 1.0 final. In addition,
from mozilla.org there is a package for the same language, meaning that
the Norwegian Bokmal version builds cleanly.

> I know it is possible to get a localized firefox. What I did was to
> install the "locale-switch extension" from:
> http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/switch-locales/
> and then my locale extension from:
> http://ftp.eu.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/1.0/linux-i686/xpi/
> But that's only user-wise.
> I'd like a firefox-i18n-<locale>.rpm RPM which would install the desired
> language for the whole system, and that the language would be selected
> upon user locale preferences.
> I wonder if some translation team has done something similar for their
> locale, because I'd like to have the same for mine. I'm not
> knowledgeable in building RPMs, so I don't know if such a thing is
> possible or not (I hope it is! :).

Clarifying this issue, your question is one of integration of Firefox
into the OS and specifically to get the LANG=xx_YY parameter to apply
for the browser as well to pick the corresponding language XPI.

Ideally, there should be RPMs for each XPI file and while installing
Fedora, you install automatically the XPIs for the languages you specify
in the beginning. Then, based on the session setting for the language,
the corresponding language XPI is activated while it is possible to
override through a customisation (like the extension you mention here).

I am not sure how is the state in FC3 :(


> > Greetings
> > 
> > Martin
> > 
> > Josep Puigdemont wrote:
> > 
> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >Does anyone know how to localize Firefox in FC3?
> > >
> > >Is it possible to create localized RPMs? Would it be possible to make
> > >them install by default?
> > >
> > >I'm interested to know how do you do it for your languages, thanks!
> > >
> > >Regards!
> > >
> > >/Josep
> > >
> > >P.S.: There's a bug #139290 related.
> > >

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