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Dr Lawal Grace (South Africa)

Dear Jean-Paul TONNIEAU

Thanks for the prompt email response. This goes to
demonstrate to me that you will be a reliable and
dedicated partner. 

I sincerely believe that as we go ahead in this
partnership to executing this transaction which I know
will be beneficial to both of us,we shall get to know
and understand ourselves better as we proceed.

What ever be the case, I am able to present you as the
next of kin to Mr. Barry Kelly through the appropriate
legal means. All I need to do is the requirements of
our probate law of inheritance which are at my
disposal. I will only require your 
absolute trust, confidentiality and assurance that you
will be willing to part with my share of the funds
when it eventually arrives your bank account.

If you can assure me with this, then I can commence
business and the process of documenting and legalising
you as the next of kin as early as 
tommorrow morning.

Finally, you should realise that we must follow laid
down procedures and laws. We shall then apply from  
the court  an affidavit recognising you as the next of

With the affidavit presenting you as the next of kin
from the Court and also a Power of Attorney from an
Attorney here in South Africa presenting you as new
beneficairy of the funds the Securiry Company will
immediately release the funds to you.

Just reply with the guarantee that you will be honest
with me. Then I will give you further details. We have
to proceed by tommorrow morning so you must reply me

I wait for your immediate reply.

Sincerely yours,
 Dr Lawal Grace

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