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Re: Dr Lawal Grace (South Africa)

URK? Who let this mail trough? Or is it sent from one of the list


Faked email-address?

tir, 05.04.2005 kl. 16.07 skrev idrisa musa:
> Dear Jean-Paul TONNIEAU
> Thanks for the prompt email response. This goes to
> demonstrate to me that you will be a reliable and
> dedicated partner. 
> I sincerely believe that as we go ahead in this
> partnership to executing this transaction which I know
> will be beneficial to both of us,we shall get to know
> and understand ourselves better as we proceed.
> What ever be the case, I am able to present you as the
> next of kin to Mr. Barry Kelly through the appropriate
> legal means. All I need to do is the requirements of
> our probate law of inheritance which are at my
> disposal. I will only require your 
> absolute trust, confidentiality and assurance that you
> will be willing to part with my share of the funds
> when it eventually arrives your bank account.
> If you can assure me with this, then I can commence
> business and the process of documenting and legalising
> you as the next of kin as early as 
> tommorrow morning.
> Finally, you should realise that we must follow laid
> down procedures and laws. We shall then apply from  
> the court  an affidavit recognising you as the next of
> kin 
> With the affidavit presenting you as the next of kin
> from the Court and also a Power of Attorney from an
> Attorney here in South Africa presenting you as new
> beneficairy of the funds the Securiry Company will
> immediately release the funds to you.
> Just reply with the guarantee that you will be honest
> with me. Then I will give you further details. We have
> to proceed by tommorrow morning so you must reply me
> immediately. 
> I wait for your immediate reply.
> Sincerely yours,
>  Dr Lawal Grace
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