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Re: too many repeated string in system-config-securitylevel

I have manually quote Roozbeh reply from the web, as my email was down for several days.

---quoted message---
Please note that in some languages one may need to use different part of
speech (grammatical forms) to translate things only changing in one
word. One cannot assume that this can always be done using a %s.
Languages are different.

So, you should simply copy the translations and simply change the word
each time, if your language translates these to the same thing only with
the word changed.

---end quoted message--

I thought Gettext has solved this issue by using plural form string for the msgstr? And I personally don't think the issue is about the singular or plural form, because it not related to numbers or counts. The %s only address the special word used in the sentence, which is the name of the daemon, such as cyrus, smtpd, httpd, etc.

I don't think other language translate that daemon name to their own language and character sets, right?

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

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