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schedule for translating documentation [draft]

This is mainly for the release notes, but we can follow it for other
documentation for FC5.

2 November  - test1 documentation freeze
7 November  - test1 release
7 December  - test2 documentation freeze
12 December - test2 release
4 January   - test3 documentation freeze
9 January   - test3 release
1 February  - FC5 documentation freeze (final)
13 February - FC5 release

This based on the schedule found at:


You'll notice that the docs freeze is two days after the devel freeze.

This is really only one additional day for writing beyond devel freeze,
accounting for the dateline.  This additional day gives us a chance to
take urgent changes to the release notes right up to devel freeze, and
have one more day to make changes.

Most of the translation will be in test1.  We plan to have rolling
content available throughout the writing cycle.  Following that, we
don't expect the document to churn very much, perhaps 10% to 20% change
(change, additions) between tests.  Expect the changes between test3 and
release to be very minimal.

This schedule is subject to changes in the master schedule.

What do you think?  With your agreement, I'll share this with the docs
project as our schedule.

BTW, documents that you may want to translate in addition to the release
notes, which are planned for FC5:

* Installation Guide
* Desktop User Guide
* Managing Software with Yum

thx - Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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