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Re: Serbian translation script addition request

On 12/23/05, ะะณะพั ะะธะปะตัะธั <grejigl-gnomeprevod yahoo ca> wrote:
> And two further clarify, there will be two locale's, sr and sr Latn 
> Regards,
> Igor
> Sarah Wang <sarahs redhat com> wrote:
>  Just to clarify, do you mean to add "sr" locale (sr.po) to all fedora
> packages?

Dear Sarah,

we already have translated sr.po files for all the packages and they
are tied to the "Serbian"  language on the status page (some are not
being built and shipped though, but that's already in bugzilla). So
that's all perfectly fine.

As Igor said, we need another set of sr Latn po files created for all
the packages and the  current Serbian translators added to their ACL
as we need to support both scripts concurrently. Not sure if we need a
separate status page for these since they're always generated by a
script and will hopefully always have identical status. Can the CVS be
set up so that when a translator "takes" a module on the "Serbian"
page both of these locales get locked? If, on the other hand, you find
it necessary to create another language page, you can label it
"Serbian (Latin)" in the list. (I don't know how GNOME handles this,
but I couldn't see two separate "languages" on their status page,
while they support both locales; maybe you can check how they did it
in their CVS?)

I hope that clears things a bit, please feel free to ask us more
questions until we get this is completely clarified.

Thanks a lot for your help and time,

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