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Re: Error: Host does not exist (windows XP)

Hi All,


Please try this if you have similiar problems.

In Windows XP, Click Start => Programs => TortoiseCVS => Preference

In the Tools tab, SSH parameters field, try -l "%u" "%h" -i "C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\id_dsa.ppk" instead of -i "C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\id_dsa.ppk" mentioned on the Fedora website.

I think this happens because of the upgrade of the TortoiseCVS (now the latest one is 1.8.17, while the demo on Fedora webpage is 1.6.14).

Thank Marissa for helping and solving this test.


於 四,2005-06-30 於 13:41 +1000,Marissa Shin 提到:
Hi all,

I have a trouble accessing CVS server using TortoiseCVS.
I followed instructions on the website and filled in Checkout Module
window with given information from the project administration.

When I tried CVS checkout from drive C,
I got an error message "Host does not exist.".

If I click "fetch list" at the bottm of the checkout window,
it gives me an error message "Module list not available for server

Can anyone help me fix this?
Thanks a lot


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