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Re: standard way to use shortcuts in l10n

El dl 14 de 03 del 2005 a les 16:22 +0600, en/na Jamil Ahmed va
> Hello,
> Is there any standard for using shortcuts while l10n-ing?
> Should I put shorcuts in localize form? or keep same english short cut 
> separately in parenthesis?

In our translations, and whenever possible, we try to use the same
letter as the original string, thus if you had "_File" and the
translation was "Abcdef" we'd put "Abcde_f". If the same letter is not
available in the translation, then we tend to use another one that is
not used elsewhere, preferably at the beginning of a word. For instance,
if the translation was "Abcde" we'd probably put "_Abcde". 

Notice that trying to keep the same letter as the original, is as
arbitrary as selecting whatever letter you think would fit better for
your language, as long as you try to avoid repetitions. Only testing and
checking with the original, will tell you if you have conflicts,
although they are not normally a problem, maybe just an annoyance to the
end user in some cases :)

Anyway, this is the rule of the thumb the Catalan translations follow,
maybe your team has a history in another direction.

Hope it helps, though!


> like, for
> msgid "_File"
> Should I use,
> msgstr "_xx"
> or
> msgstr "xx (_x)"
> or
> msgstr "xx (_F)"    <--- this _F will be taken from the msgid's shorcut
> xx will be written in my localized character.
> Waiting for your valued reply!
> Thanks,
> `Jamil
> L10n: Bengali

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