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Including recent external translations


this question is not exactly about translating Fedora-specific things,
but I guess this is not a bad place to ask.

As you may know, translations of many GNU programs and others are done
through the Translation Project

New versions of especially GNU programs are released very seldom, and
because of that, it may take a LONG time before a new translation gets
included in an official release of that particular piece of software.
Two years is not uncommon.

To speed up the adaptation of new translations, the creators of Linux
distributions *could*, at least, fetch the newest translations directly
from the Translation Project, and include them in the respective
software packages. I don't know if any distribution really does this,
and I'm pretty sure this also doesn't happen with Fedora?

While I don't expect this to become an automated process, is it worth
reporting a bug if I know a translation exists for a certain piece of
software, but it is not included in the official release (nor the
respective Fedora package) yet?

This is a thing that probably concerns many languages, not just the one
I am interested in, Finnish.

 - Lauri

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