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Re: HOWTO For Testing New Translations?

Daniel Yacob wrote:

How is this done? I've searched around and find the question asked a
lot but no answers seem to be out there. Has anyone written a "HOWTO"
or some other helpful documentation? I'm willing to write one if not
but will need some guidance to get started. Any help appreciated.

Here's a small translation of a guide provided by David Barzilay on an e-mail for the pt_BR team:

1. close all instances of the programs that use the po file
2. go to the directory that contains the file and then run : "msgfmt your_locale.po -o <package_name>.mo"
3. make a backup copy of the file "/usr/share/locale/your_locale/LC_MESSAGES/<package_name>.mo"
4. cp <package_name>.mo /usr/share/locale/your_locale/LC_MESSAGES/.
5. run the program and your translation will be there

I've done those steps when testing a few of the translations for FC4 on my FC3.. Some strings surelly will be missing , so the ideal option is using FC4T3 to test the translations. In my case , I upgraded some programs from rawhide to test them (and some of them couldnt be tested , since the dependency chain was too big).

Pedro Macedo

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