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Re: desc and summary

Hi Josep,

please ignore desc and summary for now.

I'm currently in the process of re-organizing specspo, which includes, as Ronny has noted, a split of dist.pot into desc.pot and summary.pot. As of yet, desc.pot and summary.pot are not to be translated, and the translations of dist.pot won't yet be moved. I'm currently doing a live testing of the new toolchain keeping the specspo pot up to date at all times (desc and summary, that is, dist is still the current module, but will soon be replaced by desc and summary), which includes an automatic update of desc.pot and summary.pot. If everything is stable, we'll pick a date on which we move all translations to the new modules and let dist die. From then on forward, the specspo pot modules will be kept up to date, and the latest translations will make it into the package.


Josep Puigdemont wrote:


I've seen that two new modules are to be translated (with quite a lot of
strings on them), however, these are not for FC4, are they?


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