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Re: desc and summary

Hi Bernd!

El dl 16 de 05 del 2005 a les 06:57 +1000, en/na Bernd Groh va escriure:
> Hi Josep,
> please ignore desc and summary for now.

Now that's relieving :)

Whenever this is ready and specspo disapears, could you please keep the
same maintainer for summary and desc as it was for specspo? (Sarah,


Nice work!


> I'm currently in the process of re-organizing specspo, which includes, 
> as Ronny has noted, a split of dist.pot into desc.pot and summary.pot. 
> As of yet, desc.pot and summary.pot are not to be translated, and the 
> translations of dist.pot won't yet be moved. I'm currently doing a live 
> testing of the new toolchain keeping the specspo pot up to date at all 
> times (desc and summary, that is, dist is still the current module, but 
> will soon be replaced by desc and summary), which includes an automatic 
> update of desc.pot and summary.pot. If everything is stable, we'll pick 
> a date on which we move all translations to the new modules and let dist 
> die. From then on forward, the specspo pot modules will be kept up to 
> date, and the latest translations will make it into the package.
> Cheers,
> Bernd
> Josep Puigdemont wrote:
> >Hej!
> >
> >I've seen that two new modules are to be translated (with quite a lot of
> >strings on them), however, these are not for FC4, are they?
> >
> >/Josep
> >
> >

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