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Re: translation problem

Partha Goswami wrote:

Hello Partha,

Thanks for your interest.

I have decideded to translate the Reslease Note in

There are currently two bengali locales: Bengali (bn) and Bengali INDIA (bn_IN). Please select the locale that you would want to work for. In case of the former please contact Jamil Ahmed <jamil bengalinux org> and in case of the second you can write in directly to me.

I have seen that there is a problem in office
software in FC3 . when You select Bengali lanuagge ,
in your system , it's almost ok . But when you want
close any window ,particularly in word the three
option viz. save, discard , cancel are shown in coding
system. It's difficult to understand .
Please do file in a bug report giving complete details of the error that you faced at bugzilla redhat com so that it can be followed up.

                 I have think  when all things
including help material will translate into Bengali lanuagge. So, how it will?
Brief Instructions and other details are available at http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/translations/. Please feel free to write in to the list/me in case of any other queries.

warm regards

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