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latest release notes builds during test cycle

(Please ask me any questions on this message.  I don't want anything not
understood because of my English!  I am training myself to write English
for translation, so I appreciate your help, pointers, and corrections.
Thank you.)

We are going to be doing a few ongoing builds of the release notes
during the FC5 test cycle.

This means, at certain points in the schedule[1], we will take all of
the XML source in CVS and rebuild to create a latest release notes.

These latest relnotes are going to be posted on the Web only.  This
website will be linked from the very top of the relnotes itself, so that
the relnotes shipped within the FC5 ISO have a link to a more recent
relnotes.  This shipped relnotes is also the Firefox default homepage.

Normally, we have freezes for translation to give you a chance to get
all work done.

However, we can include in-process translations that are in CVS for
these rebuilds.

These rebuilds should not be raw.  They are intended to be supplemental
to the shipped relnotes.  They provide an opportunity to get important
changes into the relnotes just before the actual release date, while
still giving time for proper translation and QA of the shipped relnotes.

We have two ways of doing this build with respect to translations in

1. FDP could build all languages as-is from CVS
2. FDP could build only the languages where the translators tell us to
build them

If we choose 1., it is very important that you only check in changes to
CVS that do not break the build.  Ideally, if you check-in changes to
your translation between 31 October and 06 November[2], the changes
should fix problems and not create new ones.  After the release, the
next trans freeze for CVS is 05 December.  During those four weeks, you
can break your language build as often as you like. :)



[1] These are labeled "Final Wiki snapshot for Web-only latest relnotes"
on this schedule:


[2] These dates are EDT/EST, because the build engineers are all in that
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