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Re: .po files available from Fedora Documentation Project


I don't quite understand the question.

We have recently added a 'make po' target to the Makefile for Fedora
Is it just a make pot target, to create the english pot from the xml? Or does it merge the translations in with msgmerge?

We don't understand enough about how you perform difference checking
with .po files.
If you refer to changes, then this is dealt with by msgmerge. If an entry has changed, the old translations will be placed in the msgstr, and the entry will be set to fuzzy. Diff you can or cannot use to find the differences in fuzzy entries, but that's not really essential to the translation process.

Is there a step that we should be doing here?  Or is it a manual diff
the translator runs?

<megacoder> Step 1: You have an XML file.
<megacoder> Step 2: make po.
Make pot. Which is the same as a po file with just the english strings and msgstrs empty. If there is no po, you can simply copy the pot to po. If there is an old po, msgmerge pot and po file to create a new po file. Changed entries are automatically set to fuzzy.

<megacoder> Step 3: add translations to .po file.
As in translate, I believe?

<megacoder> Step 4: touch the original XML file.
Does this refer to an update of the xml-file?

<megacoder> Step 5: make po.
If yes, as above.

<megacoder> Step 6: see all previous content to PO file replaced by
<stickster> Right, you'd have to have an intermediate diff in there
<megacoder> As long as they know to do this step manually.

Still unsure about this.


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